27 June 2021

Sighting of a Railroad Switch at Central Warehouse

Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company in 1911, later known as Central Warehouse.
Located at 160 S 500 West SLC. Image from UDSH.

This is an interesting image that didn’t make the cut for my Central Warehouse post

This is a photograph of the Central Warehouse building in 1911 when it was known as the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company located at 160 S 500 West SLC.

Note the railroad switch! 

There are a few of these historic switches left in SLC’S Warehouse District. This specific switch was removed long ago along with the railroad tracks that once ran along what is now 500 West (historically known as 400 West).

The 1911 Sanborn map indicates the original warehouse was located along the D & R G and W P  R R Joint tracks (Denver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific Railroad joint tracks).

Here is a link to some railroad switches still in existence in SLC.

Detail of railroad switch.

Detail of the 1911 Sanborn map

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