19 August 2016

Burned out house at 264 S 1000 East

Yesterday (Aug 18 2016) this house at 264 S 1000 East in Salt Lake City caught fire and burned down. Here is a Deseret News article on it.  

The insert is a view of the house from the Salt Lake County Assessor.  The house was built ca 1900 and was a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. 

15 July 2016

The Mosser Rushton Granary in West Valley City

Joseph Hyrum Mosser constructed this granary near his adobe brick house about 1878 at approximately 4450 S 5400 West in what was then known as Hunter, Utah. 

Newlywed Alma E. Rushton acquired this granary and the surrounding farm in 1917 merging it into the Rushton Homestead across the street.

This is perhaps the oldest building in West Valley City. The granary was moved from its original location a few years ago and placed near the Jordan River on the grounds of the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City.

22 June 2016

Then & Now Demolished at 829 S 800 East

Then and Now. This modest Victorian house at 829 S 800 East Salt Lake City was built in 1893 and was demolished in June 2016.

The upper left image is from the Salt Lake County Assessor, the lower left image is from Google Street view 2014, and the demolished image on the right is from June 2016.

Update 1: A modern style house was constructed on this lot in 2017.

Update 2: The two Victorian homes adjacent and to the south are also slated for demolition and the Telegraph Exchange building is slated for adaptive reuse in 2021. 

19 June 2016

The Boston and Newhouse Buildings at Sunset

The Boston and Newhouse Buildings are located on Main Street between 300 and 400 South Streets.

These structures are considered Utah's first skyscrapers and were financed by one of the state's wealthiest mining magnates, Samuel Newhouse.

Their presence represented the historical polarization between the north-end (Mormon) and south-end (non-Mormon) businesses that formed separate commercial districts within downtown Salt Lake City.

15 June 2016

George Thomas Building under Construction

The old Utah Museum of Natural History building (and prior to that the old University of Utah Library) under construction at the University of Utah, President's Circle.  Officially known as the George Thomas Building it was constructed in 1935 and designed by Ashton and Evans; named after former university president George Thomas. It was originally built as the George Thomas Library.

The Crocker Science Center is slated to occupy the new and the old space. 

07 June 2016

3500 South Street, First Paved Road — 1918 by Tara Buck

3500 South Street, First Paved Road- 1918.
Painting by Tara Buck.
This painting by Tara Buck is titled "3500 South Street, First Paved Road — 1918" and hangs in West Valley City's City Hall.

In 1913, Henry Ford perfected the assembly-line production of his famous Model T, making cars affordable for the average American.

Utahns soon became caught up in the national car craze. In 1918, 3500 South St was paved, becoming the first paged road in Granger and Hunter. The old Granger LDS meetinghouse was a landmark on 3500 South at 3200 West until 1959.

Artist: Tara Buck, a current West Valley City resident and descendant of one of the original settlers in Hunter.

10 May 2016

Historic US Airmail Arrow in Skull Valley

A historic U.S. Airmail concrete arrow located in Skull Valley. This was used to mark the way for pilots during the 1920s. There would have been a tower with a lighted beacon for navigation at night.

This one is designated SALT LK AWY BN 59 and is located at the north end of Skull Valley, Tooele County, just off of Exit 77 on I-80.

Here is a good Google Map to find more.