10 May 2021

Pics or it Didn't Happen, from 1925

Little Louise Schricker and her fishing cat "Mamma".  (The family name is Schricker and the newspaper misprinted their name.) From SL Trib 1925-05-05

Pics or it didn’t happen from 96 years ago!

In 1925, 4-year-old Louise Schricker lived with her parents at the Parleys Reservoir caretaker house at the base of Suicide Rock where her father, Louis Schricker, was a tankman and managed the water works for SLC.

The Schrickers adopted a pregnant cat named “Mamma” who they also called “the trout hound.”

Mamma, the cat, disliked the food that the Schrickers put out for her, instead she preferred to do her own hunting in Parley’s Creek for trout!

Mamma would stalk the trout on the bank of a side channel of Parley’s Creek and when she saw a flicker in the water, up to a dozen feet away, she would plunge into the icy water.

One afternoon she came out of the stream with a foot-long trout between her jaws. Another time she caught a 10-inch rainbow trout.

After she caught her fish, she would then feast on her dinner, bask in the sun until her fur dried, and then creep back to her kittens in the cellar.

And the Salt Lake Tribune printed the picture of Mamma to prove it.

Source: Salt Lake Trib 1925-05-05

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