05 August 2021

Salt Lake City's Main Street in 1945

Salt Lake City's Main Street in 1945.
Colorization done by hotpot. Original image from UDSH.

This image is SLC Main Street in 1945. 

A preview for tomorrow’s post and a tie-in to yesterday’s post.

All the buildings in view are still there- although they are all proposed for demolition as part of the SLC RDA [$0 deal] 150 Main St Apartments project.  

Starting from the left, the businesses in view are:

  • 156 S Main is the Mullett-Kelly clothing store, now @twistedrootsut.
  • 154 S Main is the Mayflower Cafe with its prominent sign and of course the murals inside by Florence Truelson (yesterday’s post); this space is now occupied by Ary's Barbershop
  • 152 S Main is the Fife Co, a men’s clothing store, and is now Southam Gallery.
  • 150 S Main is Shapiro's, now Beckett & Robb.
  • 148 S Main is the Utah Theater, at the time of this image they were showing the films ‘A Bell for Adano’ and ‘The Frozen Ghost.’ This building is now known as the Utah Arts Building/savetheutahpantages

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