02 May 2023

I found a new-to-me photo of Ms. Mignon Barker Richmond, Utah's first Black woman (person?) to graduate from college (Utah State University) and a prominent community worker and human rights activist in SLC.

Mignon at the Stewart School University of Utah, from Utonian Yearbook 1952, page 83.

This photo of Mignon is from the 1952 University of Utah Utonian Yearbook.

It took 27 years after her graduation from college in 1921 for Mignon to be hired for a professional position in her field - and that is the job shown in this image.

In 1948 Mignon was hired by the University of Utah to start the school lunch program for the old Stewart School on campus (the former location of the Anthro building, just south of The Crocker Science Center (The old Natural History Museum) on President's Circle. She held this job for 5 years.

Richmond Park at 444 E 600 South SLC is named for Mignon.

Read more about Mignon's life on the Better Days website: 

Mignon Barker Richmond, courtesy Mignon Mapp from Better Days.

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