04 April 2023

Big Toilet Paper Sale

Another fun advertisement; this one is about a big Toilet Paper sale at the Salt Lake City Schramm-Johnson Drug Store.

SJ had several locations in SLC but its flagship was at 215 S Main Street.

Take a look inside! The historic photos are from the Utah State Historical Society archive.

I tried to find some photos of these specific brands of TP listed in the ad but no such luck there.

Some highlights of the small text in the ad:
  • Lyndhurst: Guaranteed free from injurious chemicals, perfectly soluble in water and will not clog drain pipes.
  • Champa: Highest favor with hotels, rooming houses, hospitals and large institutions. BIG VALUE!
  • Scott Tissue: Very absorbent and soft as old linen.
  • Fort Orange: Another heaping big value offer.
  • Pure White: Guaranteed absolutely sanitary.
  • A.P.W.: Universally acknowledged as strictly superior satin tissue quality not duplicated at any price. From every viewpoint of economy, it is MOST DESIREABLE.
  • Imperial: One of our most popular selling varieties.
  • Bob White: In its price class there is none better.
  • Ess-Jay's Crepe: One of the most satisfactory Toilet Papers on the market. Exceptional quality, fine and soft.

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