30 August 2022

Historic Bathroom Tiles in SLC Apartments

Check out these pics of an original bathroom in the Hillcrest Apartments, 173 E 100 South SLC.

The Hillcrest was built in 1916 by the Covey Investment Co.

The Covey Investment Co (the Covey brothers) built several apartment complexes around SLC. Their first project was the La France, which was built in 1905. It was the first collaboration among Covey Investment Co, architect David C. Dart, and builder Charles Andrew Vissing.

This group built about 20 apartment buildings in SLC, many of which survive today including the Kensington, Princeton & Boulevard, The Covey, and Hillcrest buildings.

Lots of people commented on my posts about the demolition of the La France that the same tile was used in other Covey buildings.

I was able to find a newspaper clip from 1916 that states Frank A Caffall did all the tile work for the various Covey properties.

The Caffall family is still in the tile business in the Salt Lake area.

The Salt Lake Herald Republican Sun Jun 4 1916

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