03 November 2021

Current status of some SLC demolition permits

 Fencing has gone up around the La France Apts.  This image is courtesy @caseyforslc. And @relentlesshistory notes that fencing is up around the Embassy Apts at 130 S 300 East.

Fencing has gone up around the La France Apartments
at 250 W 300 South. Image provided by Casey O'Brien McDonough.

So, I looked into the current building and demolition permits status from Salt Lake City government. (http://www.slcpermits.com). See below for my findings, current as of Nov 3 2021.

1. The La France Apts at 250 W 300 South:
A demolition permit has not been filed with SLC government. However, we know the residents have been evicted and the owner, the Greek Orthodox Church, has announced they plan to demolish all the La France buildings to make way for a new apartment and mixed-use complex. So, it is likely a demo permit will be filed soon.

2. The Embassy Apts at 130 S 300 East:
So far it looks like the owners are working on repairing the building from the recent fire. The most recent building permit (BLD2021-07337) is to install fire sprinklers. This investment in repair work indicates to me that there is not an intent to demolish the building.

However, the current owner owns all the buildings at 120 S 300 E, 130 S 300 E, 136 S 300 E, and 278 E 100. The owner is listed as “Pauline Redevelopment LLC” so there might be some redevelopment in the future and these properties are worth monitoring. All 4 of these buildings are historic apartments and are not within a local historic district or a local historic landmark site, so they have no historic preservation protections.

3. Current demolition applications:
I looked at the recent applications for both commercial and residential demolitions and noted some properties that may be of interest.  Refer to table below.  A few properties are of particular interest to me as they were built in the 1880s, 1890s, and 1901.  I have noted which ones I want to investigate the history of and if something interesting comes up I will post about it (time permitting).

FYI - An easy way to check active building permits issued by SLC government is to use this interactive portal at: https://opendata.utah.gov/Permit-and-Licensing/Salt-Lake-City-Building-Permits/3eji-gn2j

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