28 December 2020

Fox13 Features rachels_slc_history

Yesterday and this morning I was featured on @fox13now for my SLC History focused Instagram @rachels_slc_history

Thanks to @diegoromotv for making the interview process easy and reducing my anxiety. I think he did a great job putting the story together.

Welcome new subscribers! I will be sharing some interesting history in the upcoming weeks.

I am working on several different stories including:
  1. Abe Majors who served over a year in solitary confinement in the old Sugar House prison.
  2. The Rescue Home for pregnant unmarried women (and where to put 'undesireables' and help people down on their luck in 1890s).
  3. Some histories of local buildings, by request.
  4. Anything else I find interesting.
Link to the news story is here:

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