27 August 2019

A Bootlegger House at 851 S 1400 East

The Kipp house at it stands today, 2019
This prominent house located at 851 S 1400 East SLC was very briefly home to a large illegal bootlegging operation! 

On January 11, 1923, Salt Lake Police confiscated a 500-gallon still from a room on the top floor.

Overflow from more than a hundred mash barrels had ruined the walls and ceiling of the lower floor and the whole place reeked with the odor from the still. 

 In an upstairs bedroom, with walls of light blue and exquisite lighting fixtures and drapes to match, sat a boiler, two 250-gallon tanks, pumps, hose and the usual coil. Apparently many hundreds of gallons of liquor had been distilled with the apparatus. A neighbor told police that the people living in the house had just moved away the other day.

Henry Kipp, owner of the Success Meat Market and then later Kipp's Market, built the home for his family in 1912 but had apparently rented out his house at this time to some unscrupulous tenants as he was reported as living outside of SLC at the time of this incident.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune January 12 1923 pg 22

The Kipp house when it was first built in 1912, Shipler Image from UDSH.

Photograph of a similar, but smaller, still confiscated by SLC Police
in a raid the same week, clipped from SL Tribune January 12 1923

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