14 July 2020

These two houses at 833 S 800 East SLC are likely to be demolished soon

833 S. 800 East, front house.
833 S. 800 East, rear house.

These two houses at 833 S. 800 East SLC are likely to be demolished soon in preparation for the Telegraph Exchange Lofts development (see previous post).

Two houses are on this lot with one located behind the other. The front house was built ca 1891 while the rear was built ca 1896. Both houses appear to have been built for Mrs. Hannah Holdsworth Deming Askew.

Hannah Holdsworth was an early Mormon pioneer from England, arriving in SLC without family in 1854. The following year at the age of 24 she married 52-year-old widower Moses Deming. Moses had been married twice and had 4 children, all of whom had previously died.

Moses and Hannah settled in the 1st ward of SLC, the area bounded by 600 to 900 South and 600 East to the foothills. Moses died in 1871 leaving Hannah her 6 children to raise. Hannah soon remarried another widower, George Askew. By 1879 they were listed in the SLC directory as living at this section of 800 East.

Hannah and George may have had some marital problems because by 1892 Hannah had built the front house at 833 S 800 East and had abandoned her married name of Askew in lieu of her older married name Deming. And George was not listed with her in the SLC Directory at the 800 East home. She was 58 at the time and her 3 surviving children were grown: Granville, Franklin, and Miles.

About 1896 Hannah built and moved into the house in the rear and then rented out the front house. She continued this arrangement until her death in 1913. Hannah’s obituary stated she was well known in the 1st ward for her charitable works and as a friend of the sick and needy.

Of note, the house that was directly to the north (829 S. 800 East) of Hannah’s houses and was demolished in 2016 (and replaced with a modern style home) was the house of her son, Miles Deming.

Hannah Deming Askew, from ancestry user RobertJohnT46.

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