07 June 2016

3500 South Street, First Paved Road — 1918 by Tara Buck

3500 South Street, First Paved Road- 1918.
Painting by Tara Buck.
This painting by Tara Buck is titled "3500 South Street, First Paved Road — 1918" and hangs in West Valley City's City Hall.

In 1913, Henry Ford perfected the assembly-line production of his famous Model T, making cars affordable for the average American.

Utahns soon became caught up in the national car craze. In 1918, 3500 South St was paved, becoming the first paged road in Granger and Hunter. The old Granger LDS meetinghouse was a landmark on 3500 South at 3200 West until 1959.

Artist: Tara Buck, a current West Valley City resident and descendant of one of the original settlers in Hunter.

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