26 October 2022

Sears Building Exploration

Sales floor, ground floor, Sears Salt Lake City

The Sears on 800 S and State St is being demolished so now is probably the time to remember back to June when some other brave preservationists and I went looking for the historic murals that might have been inside (they were previously removed many years before - more on that in my next Sears post).So, enjoy an inside peek into the old Sears building. 

I'm sure you will recognize the sales floor. But if you always took the escalator you may have missed the nice wood banisters in the staircases at the edges of the sales floor.

The more interesting parts to explore were those not normally seen by the public, especially the utilities, the service elevator, and the areas used by staff.

The executive offices were outfitted with wood paneling and shag carpet. And yes, the last pic is of an enclosed toilet in a yellow room, apparently, someone decided a private bathroom was no longer needed.

We also found an unusual picture of a flock of seagulls; initially, I thought this might be some kind of mural (not the ones we were looking for) but it turned out to be made of plastic. Still kinda cool though.

(Note, we had secured permission to enter and explore).

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  1. those seaguls look like they was made of abolony shell or lucite and could if from the 40s haft been a valueble thing i certianly liked them ,i wonder where those murles went to