01 February 2022

Weechquootee Place

Weechquootee Place is a short mid-block alley located at 15 E 300 South in Salt Lake City.

Weechquootee Place in Feb 2022

The alley was named in June 1998 in conjunction with the opening of the 25-story American Stores Tower, now known as the Wells Fargo Center (299 S Main).

A contest was held among the children of the Ute Indian Tribe. Tamar Serawop, at the time a 5th grader at Todd Elementary School in Ft. Duchesne, submitted the winning entry. 

Weechquootee, pronounced WEECH-kwoo-tee, means “tomorrow” in Ute, so the name of the street means “Tomorrow’s Place.”

Just 6 weeks later, Albertsons announced it would acquire American Stores. An FTC condition of the aquation required Albertsons and American Stores to sell 144 of their supermarket stores. This was when the Utah Albertsons stores were purchased by Fresh Market.

By June 1999, American Stores was defunct.

Weechquootee Place in Feb 2022

Weechquootee Place in Feb 2022

Image from Salt Lake Tribune June 17 1998

Sources: Deseret News 1998-06-17; American Stores Wikipedia article

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