19 February 2022

Colonial Flower House Vintage Postcard

Colonial Flower House, Salt Lake's nicest flower shop, ca 1940s..
870 E 900 South Salt Lake City

Colonial Flower House was located at 870 E 900 South SLC. It was started about 1933 by Mort Jorgensen (1900-1975), a Danish Immigrant who came to Salt Lake City in 1920. Colonial Flower was in business at this location until 1973.

Mort, who also owned Dimple Dell Nursery, built and ran several greenhouses in the Salt Lake area.

Notably, he arranged the flowers for the funeral of LDS President Heber J Grant in 1945.

He also helped establish the Danish Garden at Salt Lake’s International Peace Gardens.

This building was originally a house built by James M. Michelson in 1907, similar to other buildings along this stretch of the 9th and 9th neighborhood, which have also been transformed from residential to commercial spaces.

The current inhabitants of the building are 9th and 9th Jewelers, 9th and 9th Book and Music, and Summit Sotheby's Realty. 

Advertizement for Colonial Flower from Deseret News Mar 21 1940

The Colonial Flower building as it is today, 2022

The Colonial Flower building as it is today, 2022

The surrounding buildings in this section of 9th and 9th (southeast quadrant), 2022. 

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