20 October 2021

Murray City Cemetery's Unusual Bedstone

Alvin and Francis Green's grave cover in the shape of a bed,
on a stormy day in Murray City Cemetery, 2021

Murray City Cemetery is home to a few oddities, one of which is this concrete grave cover in the shape of a bed that marks the graves of Alvin G. and Francis Green.

The Greens were early settlers of Murray, with their family home located just east of what is now I-15 and 5300 South. Green Street is named after the family and the irrigation canal they built, the Green Ditch.

Alvin died in 1912 and his wife Francis died in 1913. They were both buried in an underground crypt with stairs leading down to doors. This style of underground crypt is not common in Utah, but Alvin was from New York and Frances (who probably arranged the burial site) was from Mississippi, where these crypts are more common. The stairs were probably at the head or the foot of the crypt as those adjacent grave spaces were empty until the 1930s and 1940s.

At some point (1930s or 1940s is my guess), the open hole created by the stairs was determined to be a safety hazard and was filled in and the crypt capped with concrete in the shape of the bed. Headstones with the initials of Alvin and Frances were placed like pillows on the bed.

Although this odd feature of Murray City Cemetery tends to get quite a bit of attention it is not the only grave cover in the cemetery. There is a less conspicuous concrete cover marking the graves of Franklin and Elizabeth Webb who were buried in the 1920s.

Alvin and Francis Green's grave cover.

"Father" "A. G. C."

"Mother" "F. A. G."

Alvin G. and Francis Alice Green, from FamilySearch

The less conspicuous grave cover for
Franklin and Elizabeth Webb, Murray City Cemetery, 2021

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