25 May 2020

Oak Glen house at 1871 S 1300 East is on the demolition list

1871 S 1300 East SLC in May 2020
1871 S 1300 East SLC in May 2020

This home at 1871 S. 1300 East is on the demolition list. It is one of the earliest houses built in the Sugar House area of 1300 East.

The county assessor lists the house being constructed in 1912 but I found references to the house at least to 1907. At the time, this area was outside the SLC city limits.

This country home was built for lawyer Daniel Brigham Hill Richards and his wife (2nd marriage) Hester Cannon Richards, both from prominent Sugar House families. The Richards’ purchased the land from Jeffery Hodgson in 1903, a few months after they were married.

Daniel B. Richards named the property “Oak Glen.” The property featured a large garden area and an orchard in the back.

In 1919 Hester and Daniel divorced and Daniel B. moved to a small house on the back of the property while his ex-wife and son lived in the main house on 13th East.

Sometime in the 1920s the main house was converted to a duplex and Hester and their son Daniel C. lived on the north side (1869 S.) while Daniel B. and his new wife Aurelia lived on the south side (1871 S).

The house was sold about 1931 and Hester moved to the Marmalade area and Daniel B. moved to Paris.

The house was last used as triplex rental. This house and the adjacent apartment building to the north at 1861 S have applications to Salt Lake City for demolition.

Tax appraisal photo for1871 S 1300 East.
From Salt Lake County Assessor. No date.

1871 S 1300 East SLC in May 2020
Daniel Brigham Hill Richards
From History of Bench and Bar of Utah 1913
Hester Telle Cannon Richards from FindAGrave

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