10 November 2020

Historic LDS 15th Ward Chapel, 915 W 100 South

LDS 15th Ward Chapel, 915 W 100 South. The "For Sale" sign as it appears in Oct 2020.

Is demolition in its future? 

The Historic LDS 15th Ward Chapel is listed for sale and it is advertised as an “opportunity zone” with potential for multi-family housing.

This Gothic style chapel is located at 915 W 100 South in the Poplar Grove neighborhood of SLC.

It was constructed in 1904 after the Oregon Short Line Railroad purchased and demolished the original 15th ward chapel (the ‘Old Granary’) to build the Union Pacific Depot (located in the Gateway).

Brothers Edward T. Ashton and George S. Ashton supervised construction of this building. The Ashton Brothers were responsible for building thousands of homes on the west and south sides of SLC and furnished the stone for the State Capitol, University of Utah Administration Building, and many others.

In 1929 an amusement hall addition was added to the west side of the building.

About 1969 the LDS Church sold the property, and it was turned into a recording studio run by LA East Studios where the music for hundreds of films have been recorded. In addition several renowned musicians including Keb' Mo, Eminem, Elton John, and B.B. King have recorded in this studio.

Currently, this building has no historic protections as it is not located in a local historic district nor is it a local historic landmark.

Sources: 15th Ward Memories by Mary Barraclough; SL Telegram 1923-02-20; Des News 1974-02-09.

Update Feb 2021:  The Utah Art Alliance has purchased the building and plans to convert the building into a community center named The Art Castle.

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