16 April 2020

Soda As Tall as the Walker Building

Sometimes I find the same photo in the Utah Division of State History's Digital Collections that was published in an old newspaper, as is the case here.

Girl at soda fountain, August 30th, 1914. 
Colorized by My Heritage.

This photo was published Sept 5 1914 in the Salt Lake Telegram and was titled “A Fair Soda Fan.” In the UDSH collections the photo is described as “Girl at soda fountain, August 30th, 1914. (Telegram). Shipler Commercial Photographers Collection, 15595.”

The accompanying article describes Salt Lakers spending $1M in just 3 months at local soda fountains at just over a nickel a drink.

The article also offers this statistic:
“If all the soft drinks sold in Salt Lake in the last 3 months were poured into one big glass made to hold all, the glass would have to be as large as the Walker bank building and it would be full to the brim.”
Girl at soda fountain, August 30th, 1914. 
Original from UDSH.

 Scanned Salt Lake Telegram newspaper article
From SL Telegram 1914-09-05

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