26 November 2023

Hidden details uncovered during the Yardstick Demolition

I documented much of the demolition process of the historic Yardstick Building at 52 E Broadway Salt Lake City and I was able to photograph some interesting details.  These images were taken November 6-21, 2023.

I saw the demolition process as akin to archaeological excavation (which is also a destructive process).

As the building was slowly removed beginning at the front of the building and toward the back, different profiles emerged of the layout including little details such as corridors, clawfoot bathtubs, wallpaper, crown molding, and the original wood-framed windows.

Here are a few selections of those details.

 Original fa├žade of the Yardstick under the modern false facade.

North side of the building, profile showing 3 floors and a basement

North side: Doors, archways, and theater entrance (lower right).

North side: detail of door with original hardware. And pink/green floral wallpaper.

North side: Wood-frame window and green leaf wallpaper.

South side: Windows and frames.

South side: showing 3 floors with doors and hallways.

South side: Bathroom sink and a corridor on the top floor.

South side: Clawfoot tub on top floor, and wallpaper on middle floor.

South side: Crown molding with doors and hallways.

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