17 October 2020

Spooky SLC: Unsolved Murder of Frances Korous

Frae Korous, graduate of St Marks nursing school.
From Weekly Sentinel 1909-02-10
Today, 100 years ago on Oct 17 1920, Miss Frances “Frae” Korous was last seen alive. Her dead body would be discovered weeks later in the lake at Liberty Park. Part 1 of 2.

Frae Korous (1879-1920) was an unmarried working woman; she was a graduate of the 1906 St Marks Nursing School, served in the US Navy as a nurse in WWI, and worked with the Salt Lake Public Health department when it was first organized. She was well regarded in her profession and well liked as an individual.

Just a few months after her discharge from the US Navy, Frae returned to SLC in Oct 1920 to live and work. Although most her family was back in Iowa, her sister Rose (also a nurse) and her half-brother Yaro lived in SLC. 

She soon got a job in a local Doctor’s office and was planning to move into the Keith Apts. Meanwhile, she got a room at the YWCA women’s boarding house located at 306 E 300 S (also the location of the current YWCA).

On Oct 17 1920, Frae went to the Methodist church and then visited her brother Yaro and his family at their home, 556 N Dexter St (~850 West). She ate a large Sunday dinner and gave some candy to her nieces and nephews. Her brother escorted her to catch a streetcar which would take her back to the YWCA for the night.

Frae never made it to the YWCA that night nor work the next morning. Her friends and relatives became concerned. Search parties were organized by the SLC Police and local Boy Scouts to look for her in the nearby canyons

A reward of $150, with the Governor’s endorsement, was offered. But there was no sign of Frae. Some thought she might have committed suicide while others thought she may have been hit by a car and dragged away.

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The backside of the YWCA building in 1918, at 306 E 300 South.
From UDSH.
 Color by imagecolorizer.

Frae's brother Yaro Korous house at 556 N Dexter St (~850 West) in 2020.

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