31 March 2020

Perils of Banana Peels on the Streets of Salt Lake

Banana Room of Ryan and Virden Fruit Company, SLC. 8 April 1913.
Shipler Photograph 14502 from UDSH. Colorized by MyHeritage.

The historic newspapers of SLC are full of stories of the perils of banana peels on the sidewalks. Below are a few of the more extreme examples:

  1. Suit was filed today against SLC by Emmeline M. Coote for $10,500 ($271K in 2020 dollars) damages resulting from a fall from a banana peel which she experienced at 200 West and 600 South. (Salt Lake Telegram, 27 March 1914).

  2. A banana peeling brought about the downfall of F. Dantz, 27 years old. An expressman stepped on the banana peel spilling open a truck full of liquor. The odor of liquor filled the air and half a block away Patrolman Frank Tripp followed the scent and discovered the contraband of beer, whisky, and wine. Dantz was held for the federal officials. (Salt Lake Telegram, 10 Oct 1917).

  3. Four banana peel accidents occurred on Main Street on Friday the 13th of 1919 resulting in three soiled summer frocks and one ruined panama [hat] (Salt Lake Tribune, 14 June 1919).

  4. Princess Alice, an elephant in Hogle Zoo, slipped on a banana peel discarded by one of the observing children and nearly stomped on Captain R. D. McCollin, zoo director (Salt Lake Tribune, 24 June 1936).

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