22 June 2018

Now & Then: Monheim Farm in Sugar House

Then and Now. Believe it or not, these are the same two houses from 1910 and 2018.

Located at about 2100 S and 2500 E in Salt Lake City these two houses were built in 1905 (left) and 1902 (right) by the Monheim family. In 1910, real estate man H. E. Monheim divided his mother's 50-acre farm into a subdivision and called it Monheim Park. He planted an acre of strawberries and held a free strawberry picking festival in June 1910 to help sell the lots. These two homes are what remain of the original Monheim farm.

Sources: Salt Lake Tribune May 1910, SL 1910-05-20, Salt Lake Tribune 1910-04-24, Salt Lake Tribune 1910-05-29

Photo taken June 3 2018

Monheim Park, April 15 1910. From UDSH.

Salt Lake Tribune 1910-05-29

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