16 March 2021

The Yardstick Pt 1: Eveline Brooks Auerbach

Eveline Brooks Auerbach with a fashionable ostrich feather hat.

A demolition permit is in for SLC review for the Yardstick property at 50 East 300 South. So, I figured it was a good time to dive into the history of this property (part 1 of 2).

This property has long ties to two early SLC Jewish families- the Brooks (of Brooks Arcade fame) and the Auerbachs (of Auerbach Bros department store) as represented by one woman: Eveline Brooks Auerbach (1860-1924).

Eveline was the daughter of Julius and Fanny Brooks, the first Jewish family to settle in SLC in 1864. By the 1890s the Brooks family owned quite a bit of property around 300 South and when Eveline married Samuel H Auerbach in 1879 her parents allowed them to build on this property between Main and State streets.

By 1883 Eveline and Samuel had built their own family home at 52 E 300 South to raise their children.

They also built 2 rental units just to the west at 48-50 E 300 South that they marketed as “elegant houses with modern improvements… suitable for dentist and doctor’s parlors.” These buildings replaced a log cabin that was previously located on the site and occupied by Alexander Pyper’s family, an early Mormon pioneer.

In addition to dentists, musicians, and other professionals that rented these properties from Eveline, 2 notorious (and fraudulent) spiritualists also rented from her in 1902-1903: the Arnold-Dickson brothers (see a previous post from my #SpookySLC series).

Eveline formally inherited ownership of the property (and the Brooks Arcade and other property) when her mother died in 1901.

By 1908 Eveline and Samuel were living full time in NYC and they decided to demolish their SLC home and rental units and build a new theater and hotel in its location at 44-52 E 300 South.

Continues next post.

Eveline Brooks Auerbach

Her husband Samuel Auerbach

Their home and rentals at 50 E 300 South, 1884 Sanborn

Yardstick today, 2021

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